End of Lease Cleaning - the Task List

Kitchen – All cupboards cleaned inside and out; all appliances cleaned; floors and surfaces swept, scrubbed and sanitised; oven, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher cleaned inside/outside; cleaning of hob; de-lime and de-scale of sinks and tiles; clean and de-grease of extractor fan; all ledges, frames, skirting, and walls wiped down.

Bathrooms – Scrub and disinfect all floors and surfaces; clean, de-lime, and de-scale of any tiles, toilets, baths, showers, sinks, and shower doors or screens; wipe down all mirrors, steel fixtures, skirting, and frames.

Bedrooms – Vacuum/mop all floors; clean inside windows; remove litter; dust and clean all sills, ledges, skirting, and frames; clean all cupboards/wardrobes; remove cobwebs; wipe down walls and doors; any mirrors cleaned.

Living Areas – Vacuum/mop all floors; clean mirrors; clean inside windows; wipe down all frames, skirting and fixtures; clean and sanitise all other surfaces; remove cobwebs; remove litter; clean out cupboards; wipe down walls (if necessary).

Hallways and Entrances – Vacuum/mop all floors; clean inside windows; wipe down skirting, doors, and framework; remove cobwebs; clean any mirrors; clean out cupboards; wipe down walls (if necessary)

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"You've put years back into my favourite couch and saved me money on buying a new one, thanks a bunch"

Mr Parker
East Melbourne